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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to sign-up before I can give it a spin?

No! There's no sign-up required. Streamline is completely self-contained and works right out the box.

Are there any in-app purchases to “unlock” the full version?

Nope. What you see in terms of features is what you get. In fact, both, this site and the application are free and open-source software! Yay!

Is this app sending any sort of tracking/user-analytics events?

Nope. No tracking/analytics installed and not planning to. You can verify this here.

Does this app send my text into the cloud for analysis?

Nope. All writing and saving is done locally. In fact, the app is fully functional, even without internet access. You could be offline and still write and save.

Are you suggesting that I should use Streamline instead of Obsidian or my pen-and-paper notebook?

Not at all. I use Streamline usually in the morning before I open Obsidian. I also use it alongside iA Writer and Emacs, too. So, think "and" not "or".

Why is this a native app and not an Obsidian plugin?

Great question! I tried that. Obsidian simply is too distracting for me to get lost in a rabbithole (I think that's one of its biggest strengths actually, just not for stream-of-consciousness writing). Having a stand-alone app helps me immerse myself.

How do I configure auto-complete to find my Markdown notes?

To configure the source of your auto-complete search, please use the application's menu: "Streamline → Settings → Select Vault". This will create an in-memory cache of all markdown file names in the directory you chose.

I write my notes in Markdown but don't use Obsidian. Can I still use Streamline?

Yes! You can use any folder with Markdown notes, not just Obsidian!

I use Notion, not Obsidian. Can I use it still?

Yes! There is a small hack to get auto-complete working that I would like to get your feedback on. Ping me and I'll show you!

Is this yet another mIniMaLiSt tExt eDiTor?

No. And I know exactly what you mean. Markdown editing is a solved problem. Yes, I do feel proud that it came out so stripped-down, but my goal is to get smarter, not look smart.

What is the app "made" of?

It’s written in Swift and Objective-C.

If it's soOoO cOoL, then WHY ON EARTH are you giving it away?

It's a personal project that I built for myself. It solves a real pain-point with Obsidian that I repeatedly noticed in my life. If you experience the struggle, I hope it helps you as well as it has helped me!

PS: If you have a question, please let me know!

Jim James

It's a perfect storm for me. Streamline has made me a bolder, more creative writer. Free from distractions, I write from my heart and link to my Obsidian notes.

Alexis Rondeau – Maker of Streamline